2017 Board

12 x 24 corral w/shelter
$390.00 per mo.
24 x 24 corral w/3-sided shelter
$450.00 per mo.
24 x 24 corral w/shelter and private tack room
$465.00 per mo.
Mare Motel (12 x 24)
$475.00 per mo.
Mare Motel (24 x24)
$540.00 per mo.
Barn stall**
$625.00 per mo.
Barn stall w/in & out**
$650.00 per mo.

**stalls receive 16 bags of shavings monthly. Extra bags are $8.00 ea.

Multi-horse discount: 3/4 horses: 5%; 4/5 horses: 10%; 6 or more: 12.5%
Trailer storage
$50.00 per mo.
Daily board rates:
Barn $45.00/Corrals $35.00
Day use rates:

Use of RDP as staging area for trail rides

$25.00 per day

Use of RDP facilities (arenas, wash racks, etc.)

$30.00 per day

(all day use clients must check in with Ranch Management and complete a Liability Release form)

Feed: Board includes Bermuda and alfafa
Extra Mid-Day Feeding/Supplement Program

RdP feed

$75.00 per mo.

We feed your supplements

$40.00 per mo.

There is no discount to boarders providing specialty feed and must be approved by RdP Management

*Rates are subject to change without notice

Rancho Dos Palmas Care Program and Other Services

Care Program includes grooming, exercise, and/or turn-out
Full Care-Five days per week:
$250.00 per mo.
Half Care-Three days per week:
$180.00 per mo.
Partial Care-Two days per week:
$120.00 per mo.
Daily Rate:
$20.00 per session
Other Services
Miniflake shavings
$8.00 per bag
Wood pellets
$8.00 per bag
Corral Footing (does not include reconditioning)
$20.00 per scoop
Corral Reconditioning (footing, urine removal, etc.)
Labor Rate (installing owner supplied horse fencing, etc.)
$30.00 per hour

*Rates are subject to change without notice